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[Pat Criscito - President and CEO at Desert Harvest]
It takes a very special kind of aloe vera to help IC patients with chronic pelvic pain and non-bacterial prostatitis. It has to be a very special species of aloe plant, not your ordinary, garden-variety aloe. It has to be organically grown, processed within 6 hours of the time the leaf was picked. It has to be cold-processed, with no heat applied, which can destroy the active ingredients. We believe in using the whole leaf of the aloe plant, and not just the inner gel. The inner gel is mostly water, and on the outer edges of the aloe plant, we do have to remove those two chemicals that cause diarrhea. In the aloe plant, we remove 100% of that with a patented process, and then we put the resulting powder into a natural gelatin capsule. It takes an entire 3 foot across plant a year to make a month's supply of this concentration. Desert Harvest aloe vera is very special. It's not something that you can find anywhere else.

It's estimated nearly 30 million Americans, 90% of them women, suffer from an increasingly common bladder condition known as interstitial cystitis. IC is a chronic inflammatory disease that feels like a bladder infection, and is often symptomatic of a larger problem.

[Robert Moldwin, MD, FACS - Director of the IC Treatment Center at Long Island Jewish Medical Center]
The symptoms of interstitial cystitis can often be confused with other well-known pelvic conditions, such as endometriosis, such as chronic prostatitis, and simply, a urinary tract infection.

Increasingly, doctors are turning to natural therapies to treat IC symptoms. Aloe vera is a leading treatment for relief.

[R.K. Solano, MD, FACP - Internist at Colorado Springs Health Partners]
With interstitial cystitis, one of the problems is urgency, frequency, and severe pain, and it appears that the aloe itself coats the bladder, and gives these anti-inflammatory, analgesic properties directly to the bladder. Right now, I think Desert Harvest is the only concentrated aloe product that actually has a good Phase I trial that would be supported in medical literature.

[Pat Criscito]
The most effective aloe vera product for IC patients is cold-processed, whole leaf, extremely concentrated aloe vera powder in a capsule. And that's what Desert Harvest offers.

Patient Iliana Brockman has had her IC under control for years. Now she works for the Interstitial Cystitis Association, to help others suffering from the disease.

[Iliana Brockman - National Patient Support Advocate at interstitial Cystitis Association]
IC patients endure a lot of stress. They are in considerable pain, they can't sleep, they're in the bathroom all the time, yet they have to take care of their families, they still have to work, and they have to go on with life as they did before.

Research shows 85% of IC patients have found relief through multidisciplinary methods. These can include physical therapy, diet changes, and adding supplements such as Desert Harvest's whole leaf aloe capsules.

[Robert Moldwin]
The supplements that are available are usually, um there's aloe vera, there are quercetin-based products that are on the market. I think that the aloe vera products have been helpful for some patients.

[R.K. Solano]
One of the problems of most of the treatment regimens we have right now, the side effects of those drugs are much more than just treating the disease itself, and that's the beauty of this aloe product, is that it has very, very minimal side effects. At the most recent national meeting for digestive diseases, kidney diseases, and so forth - it was in Alexandria - it was very obvious that there are so many different options for treatment, and so many different ideologies of causation, that this might be a product that could be beneficial to patients. And, at least from the studies that have been done by Desert Harvest, it looks very good as a promising piece, or some subset, of the interstitial cystitis of a patient.

[Iliana Brockman]
Desert Harvest aloe vera capsules have been a godsend to me. They have decreased inflammation, which obviously decreases frequency, and it decreases pain. So, for me, it's been absolutely wonderful.

[R.K. Solano]
I'm not really pushing the aloe because it's a natural product. I'm pushing it because it looks like it works. That's my main concern for it.

[Robert Moldwin]
I believe that education is, without question, the most important issue related to interstitial cystitis patients. What I mean by that is, that doctors need to be educated that there is such a thing. There are still patients that are running around with a diagnosis of urinary tract infections and take multiple, if not years' worth, of antibiotics, to no avail. At the same time, I think it's important for patients to be empowered, to know that this condition is there, and that they might have it, and then to hopefully go to a caregiver that has some education behind him or her, and can provide some help.

[Pat Criscito]
We at Desert Harvest are committed to working with IC patients exclusively. We have over 5,000 patients who have taken our aloe vera over the last 11 years (5,000 has now grown to 50,000 as of 2013). We have conducted one double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial of our aloe vera and IC. We know that it works for IC patients, and so we're committed to finding out, through research, why it does.

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