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What Makes Desert Harvest Aloe Vera So Special?

1. Desert Harvest super-strength aloe vera capsules are very unique. They are made in a special, pure concentration, unlike what is common in the market today.
2. We grow our Barbadensis Miller species of aloe vera plants organically with no pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
3. Immediately after the leaves are harvested (within two hours), we use a cold process to preserve the active ingredients, applying no heat and adding no preservatives. Heat caramelizes the polysaccharides, so you want to avoid aloe that has been heat treated.
4. We process the whole leaves of the aloe plant (not just the inner gel), which allows all of the ingredients of the plant to work in synergy.
5. Then we filter out all of the insoluble fiber, so you get more of the active ingredients in a super-concentration. 99.5% of the aloe plant it water and insoluble fiber, so there is only a tiny amount of powder left after processing. It take a 3-foot-across plant a year to make just 180 capsules of our Super-strength, Freeze-dried Aloe Vera.
6. We remove the anthraquinones (like the aloin and aloe emodin, which cause diarrhea) using a patented process. You cannot take concentrated aloe vera for a long time when it contains these chemicals. All of the negative side effects of aloe vera that you read about in the literature are associated with the anthraquinones. All Desert Harvest products contain NO anthraquinones.
7. We filter out the fiber and freeze-dry the liquid to remove all of the water.
7. We use no artificial ingredients (not even the capsules, which are vegan) and no preservatives (like citric acid) or fillers.
8. Desert Harvest is the company that first discovered the connection between IC and whole-leaf, freeze-dried aloe vera.
9. Desert Harvest sponsored the first double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial of aloe vera in IC patients and is setting up more studies.
10. There are companies trying to claim our success with IC patients, but there is no substitute for the original.
11. Research shows that aloe vera may have antibiotic, pain reliever, and anti-inflammatory properties. It may help to regulate metabolism and balance blood sugar. It carries 77 parts per trillion of oxygen through the bloodstream. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential elements, which contribute to the nutrient pool and cellular health.
12. Aloe vera may also repair tissue throughout the body as it heals and regenerates. In research, aloe vera showed great penetrating ability as it was absorbed through all layers of tissue. It may enhance the immune system and act as an immuno-stimulant. It may improve circulation and work as a natural cleanser to purify tissues.

The succulent leaf of the aloe vera plant is one of nature's most wonderful gifts. Recognized throughout history for a multitude of uses, the plant's fullest capacities are only just now being widely developed for today's health-conscious consumer. Every Desert Harvest aloe vera product is formulated specifically to maximize the benefits of the whole leaf and enhance products for internal and topical uses.

Although the aloe vera plant still holds many mysteries, we have made great strides in capturing the plant's fullest potential through super-strength processing techniques. Traditional refining methods discard the leaf after using a hand filleting method to remove the inner gel. Ironically, the richest source of the active ingredients (polysaccharides/glycosaminoglycans) is in the inner rind of the plant's sap-producing cells. To tap these sources, Desert Harvest starts with the pulverized whole leaf. Proprietary processes then dissolve the cellulose, eliminate contaminants, and remove the anthraquinones, which cause diarrhea. The resulting gel, which is 99.52% water, is concentrated by using a patented, Cryovac freeze-drying process to remove excess water without altering or destroying the polysaccharides, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes present in the plant. Starting with the whole leaf and cold processing ensures that the plant's fullest richness extends from our facilities to your home.

We encourage you to become an educated aloe consumer who takes advantage of the variety of research and published materials on the history, current uses, and benefits of aloe vera.

Excerpts from "Aloe Vera: A Mission Discovered"
By Lee Ritter

If you take a 10,000 gallon vat and put one gallon of Aloe vera juice in it and then add 9,999 gallons of water, you can advertise that it contains 100 percent pure stabilized Aloe vera. That has been the position of the Food and Drug Administration to date. One FDA representative said to me, "It's not our responsibility to say how much water is in a tomato, an orange, or in Aloe vera."

Dr. Reginald McDaniel indicated to me that, of over 200 Aloe vera beverages tested in the mid-1980s, only three contained a sufficient content of Aloe to be of any medical value to the consumer. The tests that I have run would indicate that, even today, less than one percent of readily available brands contain acceptable levels of Aloe vera.

The harm that is done by putting out an Aloe vera beverage with only diluted, minute quantities of Aloe vera in it is tremendous. The consumer receives no benefit and comes to the conclusion that Aloe vera doesn't work. In every case where someone has told me that Aloe vera did not do them any good, the story has been the same. There were insufficient quantities of Aloe vera in the drink.

The blame for selling worthless products should not be placed on the health food stores for the most part. The distributor tells them that it is a good product and they purchase it for their customers. They don't have any idea how to test it. Even the label says, "One Hundred Percent Pure, Stabilized Aloe Vera". Remember, that label does not tell you how much aloe vera is in the bottle, just that what is there is pure. It's the producers and distributors who incur my wrath. They know exactly what they are doing. There are over 1,000 brands of aloe vera available on the market, most of which are privately labeled by about 20 producers. Senator Orrin Hatch recently spoke to the health food industry. He indicated that the greatest threat to them is their inability to control themselves, particularly those who deliberately misrepresent their product or its potential value.

It was the dilution problem that brought me to the conclusion that the purchase of a concentrate was the best and safest approach. With a concentrate you know how much Aloe vera you are taking. There are other problems besides that of dilution in purchasing a product. How is the aloe prepared? Much of the chemical value of the aloe vera plant is found in the leaves. However, just under the rind is a yellow sap called Aloin. This substance is a very strong laxative and needs to be removed. The process is complicated. Aloe vera juice is mostly water. All the remaining chemicals together amount to no more than one percent of the aloe leaf. In that one percent there are over 200 different constituents or ingredients. The manner in which they work on each other and together (synergism) is not scientifically understood. Thus, it is essential that all of the ingredients be retained and not altered. Research studies show that using just the mannose from the aloe plant and nothing else doesn't work as well as the entire plant.

Desert Harvest super-strength aloe vera is cold processed using the whole plant with no preservatives and no fillers. The only ingredients removed are the water, insoluble fiber, and the anthraquinones, like aloin and aloe emodin, which cause diarrhea. Because our aloe vera is freeze-dried, you get the benefits of the whole plant in its natural state.


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