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Bundles & Better Together

Bundles & Better Together

Bladder health is an important part of overall health and well-being

IC/PBS is a chronic inflammatory condition of the submucosal and muscular layers of the bladder. The cause of IC/PBS is currently unknown and the condition is regarded as a diagnosis of exclusion.

Because the etiology is unknown, there are no uniformly effective treatments nor is there a cure. Symptoms are similar to an acute urinary tract infection, and include bladder pain, pelvic pain, urethral burning, urinary urgency and urinary frequency and are often relieved with varied approaches including the supplements and skincare found in our bundles which are most often bought together products.

The IC Starter Bundle, Bladder Protect Allergy Bundle and Ultimate IC Bundle are groups of supplements and skincare that when bought together help with multiple IC symptoms inside and out. 

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