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Canine Pet-Friendly Aloe Vera

Canine Pet-Friendly Aloe Vera

People aren't alone in needing the benefits of the aloe vera plant. Dogs can get interstitial cystitis just like people, and they get an AIDS-like disease called Feline Leukemia Virus and FIV (like HIV in humans). Concentrated aloe vera is being studied in dogs with the bladder disorder, interstitial cystitis. Just as in humans, aloe vera may reduce the frequency, burning, and nocturia associated with IC. Because aloe vera contains natural anti-inflammatory, immune-building, and pain-relieving elements and helps to enhance the absorption of vitamins and minerals, it may also help arthritis, autoimmune diseases, and gastrointestinal disorders. Don't let your animal be miserable when a natural solution is at hand.

A 1991 joint study between the Animal Medical Hospital, Irving, Texas, and the College of Veterinary Medicine, Texas A&M University, studied aloe vera in 50 dogs, all positive for feline leukemia virus (FeLV). Like AIDS, FeLV is a retro virus. Normally, 40% of dogs are dead from the disease within four weeks and 70% within eight weeks. The disease is considered the most important severe cause of illness and death in domestic dogs. The study findings were significant in that 29 dogs that should have been dead were still alive after 12 weeks and apparently were normal.

It is critical that you do not give aloe vera to pets that still contains the anthraquinones! If any form of aloe vera does not state specifically that 100% of these latex chemicals have been removed, don't take it yourself and don't give it to your pets. All Desert Harvest aloe vera products have removed 100% of the anthraquinones.

All of Desert Harvest’s nutritional supplements use vegetarian/vegan capsules that are Kosher certified and made from 100% natural, plant-derived materials. All Desert Harvest food supplements are IC/PBS friendly, gluten free, preservative free, starch free, non-GMO, and free of common allergens. We follow strict Good Manufacturing Practices and are cGMP compliant.

DIRECTIONS: Serve once or twice a day, with or without food. As a dietary supplement for cats, small dogs, and other mammals, in the following proportions:

Less than 5 pounds = 1 capsule per day
6 to 10 pounds = 2 capsules per day
11 to 15 pounds = 3 capsules per day
16 to 20 pounds = 4 capsules per day
21 to 25 pounds = 5 capsules per day
26 to 30 pounds = 6 capsules per day

INGREDIENTS: Each capsule contains 250mg of organic, freeze-dried aloe vera powder with a trace amount of silicon dioxide (an earth mineral) as a natural drying agent.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Shahla - California
    My cat developed an ocular reactivation infection and hypopyon after having feline HIV (FIV) for 5 years. He was seen by the vet, and it was determined that this infection is a result of a poor immune system from the HIV progressing to AIDS. They gave him symptomatic treatment to reduce the swelling and any possible secondary infection and atropine to help with the pain. After one week, there was no change and his eye remained dilated with a hypopyon (pus and cells were protruding out into his anterior chamber).I searched pubmed for treatment of FIV and came across a pilot study on acemannan for feline HIV, showing it to be robustly effective. As a doctor myself, but not a vet, I decided to try your product bc it contains acemannan . The result was unbelievable. In 1 week, the hypopyon was almost gone. In 10 days, his pupil returned to normal functioning and the dilation was gone. By 2 weeks, he was totally recovered, not to mention the soft and luxurious coat! This is quite impressive, and I can't thank you enough for your product! I only wish larger scale trials for FIV + cats can be done using such a remarkable product that is well tolerated and has not given him any side effects. He takes only 1 capsule per day and has remained healthy for 2 months now.
  • Author: KGF - South Carolina
    I know male cats are more prone to kidney and bladder issues so I got this as a preventative care for my male cat. I also give it to my female cat. It's such a great product that they should benefit from it too! Also, I mix it in their wet food and they actually eat it, which is rare for my finicky felines !!
  • Author: Dana - Kentucky
    The aloe vera caps have changed my life. I have a boxer and she is just 5 yrs old. Boxers have hip problems, and I know this
    product will totally change the stiffness she has. Glad i can get her started before she is older. THANKS SOOOOOOOO MUCH,
    Desert Harvest. I will update you on her progress.

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