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Heather from California about  Super-Strength Aloe Vera (90 Capsules):
The doctors said I did not have anything wrong with my bladder but I had all the symptoms of IC I have been taking this product for 3 months and I feel amazing all symptoms are gone and I can go back to drinking coffee :) it is worth every penny!!!
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Alejandra Villarreal about  Super-Strength Aloe Vera (90 Capsules):
May 12, 2017
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I have IC and these pills gave my back my life. I can finally take care of my daughter and have a better relationship with my husband. I'm forever grateful for Desert Harvest pills. Thank you so much!
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Susan - Tennessee about  Super-Strength Aloe Vera (90 Capsules):
I started on aloe last year on June 2007. I have IC and have had very bad bouts with it. When I started taking the aloe in June I did not think it would work, but it started to work in about 2 1/2 months and as of today 10/25/08 I have been free of all symptoms of the IC. I swear by this aloe. I am on other meds with the aloe but it seems this took it over the edge to help the problems with IC. Thank you so much you saved my sanity.
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..because it has alleviated my ic symptoms and given me relief from the chronic bladder pain. It has also lessend the frequency of ic flares- maybe a minor episode only once in a year. I always keep it on hand- it's an amazing product. Highly recommended!
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Jose - Florida about  Super-Strength Aloe Vera (90 Capsules):
I bought this supplement for my wife who suffers from Interstitial Cystitis. It worked immediately, she is been taking Elmiron without a complete relief of the symptoms, plus inconvenient side effects. Super-Strength, Freeze-Dried Aloe Vera did wonders to her condition. Now she can sleep all night without pain and frequent trips to the bathroom.
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Mary - Pennsylvania about  Super-Strength Aloe Vera (90 Capsules):
I have IC and I have been using Aloe Vera capsules for about 4 weeks and my IC symptoms have been much better. I wanted to say thanks, and please continue to make this product. MTC....
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Quincy - Wisconsin about  Super-Strength Aloe Vera (90 Capsules):
I purchased this product 2 weeks ago and have noticed a dramatic reduction in symptoms! I had constant urethra "burning" for 10 weeks. Was told that I did not have IC, no UTI or other infection. Had multiple bladder "instillations" with meds, had x2 hydrodistentions of bladder with no change in symptoms. I read online about success of Aloe with my symptoms. Took 1 pill 2x/day and within 2 days had almost no burning! Thank God!
Thank you for this product, I hope the relief continues!
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Tina - Canada about  Super-Strength Aloe Vera (90 Capsules):
I just want to say that your product (aloe pills)saved me. I have IC and the burning was awful. After just a couple of days I noticed that the burning was starting to get better. I rarely get the burning anymore. If I feel a flare coming, I take a few extra pills and it helps. I don't think I will ever stop taking your product. Thank you so much for giving me my life back!
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Anonymous - South Carolina about  Super-Strength Aloe Vera (90 Capsules):
I'm a big fan of Desert Harvest Aloe Vera for IC. It has made a huge difference in my burning symptoms. I also recently added the Vitamin D along with the Aloe Vera because my doctor said my blood work showed a deficiency in Vitamin D, probably due to IC. I like both products a lot!
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Anonymous - Canada about  Super-Strength Aloe Vera (90 Capsules):
After reading rave reviews about this product from people suffering with IC, I was hopeful but didn't want to get my hopes up. I've been taking 6 capsules a day for just over two months now and I'm symptom-free 99% of the time. All the usual pressure and discomfort is gone. I no longer "feel" my bladder. I have my life back! When I do flare, the pain is not nearly as bad as it used to be. And instead of lasting for days, the flare goes away after a couple hours. I've started reintroducing some foods back into my diet without having any negative reactions. I will be a loyal DH Aloe customer for life.
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Christina - Colorado about  Super-Strength Aloe Vera (90 Capsules):
Dear Desert Harvest:

I want to sing from the mountaintops about this product! I suffered, daily, barely living, for over a year. I could not have continued on, with that level of pain, and sick time/ down time. I was very skeptical that any supplement could do more than all my doctors. Now I have no need for doctors! After 3 months of your product, I am symptom-free and feel 25 years younger. My life is so happy again! I hope you never stop providing me with this product. ...and my urologist thanks you, too! She is becoming a hero to everyone will IC that comes to her! Thank you so much!

Christina Tinker
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Petra - United Kingdom about  Super-Strength Aloe Vera (90 Capsules):
I just wanted to say how pleased I am with your product. I suffer from interstitial cystitis which has in the past caused me a great deal of discomfort. The Desert Harvest Aloe has made the condition much more manageable to the extent that a lot of the time I am symptom free. When I have a flare up I just take extra capsules which seems to calm things down quickly. Also I don't seem to have side effects. I would also like to thank the staff team for their professional attitude. They are always available quickly to answer questions and try to ship the product promptly. Many thanks Petra
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Michelle - North Carolina about  Super-Strength Aloe Vera (90 Capsules):
I have been suffering with Interstitial Cystitis for roughly two years. During 2014 the symptoms became chronic and increasingly painful to the point where my bladder pain was ruining everything for me. I couldn't exercise or travel without frequent trips to the bathroom to relieve the discomfort. Everything in my diet that was enjoyable had to be cut out because it wasn't bladder friendly. And to add insult to injury my sex life was practically ruined due to the fear I developed over the pain that would ensue each time my boyfriend and I tried to be intimate. It was a nightmare and nothing I tried was helping. I drank extra water, took antihistamines, anti depressants, vitamin supplements like d-mannose and quercetin. It got so bad that finally not even pain pills nor AZO bladder pain relief worked. I got scared - started to think maybe I had bladder cancer or something! In desperation I started seeking some other form of treatment and stumbled across this website. I ordered four bottles of the super strength Aloe and started taking six capsules a day as recommended.

The first month I felt some relief but not a lot - but I was determined to give it the time required to work. By month two I got the first real relief I had had from IC for the past two years- I could sleep thru the nite again and my sex life improved dramatically ! By the third month it was almost like I didn't have IC at all- no kidding I actually forgot to even think about it anymore! I started drinking coffee again , eating foods I wanted to eat without any concern over pain. I noticed that my allergies went away and I also stopped taking antihistamines . Travel, exercise, sex nothing bothered me, nothing hurt anymore!!

If you are suffering from IC please do yourself a favor and try the Aloe regimen recommended it works you will not be sorry!! A word of advice tho, when I went on maintenance I cut back from 6 caps a day to 4 then finally down to 2. Within a month of being on 2 a day only my IC came back with a vengeance!! I think 4 a day will prob work long term but 2 doesn't seem to be enough. It's unfortunate that the bladder doesn't seem to "heal" over time even with the reduction of inflammation but at the end of the day even with the cost I feel grateful to have something that lets me lead a normal life.
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Kelly - South Carolina about  Super-Strength Aloe Vera (90 Capsules):
I tried the aloe vera and seemed to be symptom free so I quit using it as much and dropped from 6 pills to 1 or 2 and then to none..because I wasn't really sure if it was working ...and then my IC pain came back on a rampage! I was in flares for weeks at a time. I remembered that the aloe seemed to help so I started taking it again after a month of intense pain. Wow thank God! I have my life back and am mostly symptom free! I will forever use this product. I learned a painful lesson! Thank you sooooo much Desert Harvest!
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Erin - Colorado about  Super-Strength Aloe Vera (180 Capsules):
My experience with IC and Desert Harvest would not make its way into a scientific journal. You couldn't use it to sell the product to a skeptic. I did not isolate my variables. I tried many things unsuccessfully for a year before doing the following: Parsons (+kenalog) instills followed by ozone instillations (in Boulder), alkalizing my urine religiously using Calcium Citrate and Magnesium Citrate and Baking Soda, taking lots of Glucosamine/MSM, following an extremely strict diet, taking hydroxyzine 10 mg at night, and lastly Desert Harvest aloe.

I really turned a corner around when I added the Aloe pills (3 of them 3x a day, later I switched to 3 of them 2x a day). I literally woke up with burning, took 3 pills, and 4 hours later the burning was gone. (I had sex with no bladder pain!) My IC wasn't severe (to me it was, but relatively speaking, no) I didn't have Hunner's Ulcers, but I had blood in my urine, burning, low capacity, and it often felt like an acid soaked cactus lived in my bladder. I was asking oncology surgeons to remove my bladder so I could have my life back.

I went from living on the toilet at night to waking up once with 12-16 oz of pee in my bladder. There is something to Aloe - I read about someone who had Hunner's Ulcers healing their bladder by drinking the juice. In IC, the GAG (glycosaminoglycan) layer is compromised and needs replacing. I believe the mucopolysaccharides (mucus sugars) in Aloe are a healthy substitute. I can't prove this, and no one will ever do a study because you can't patent this stuff, therefore no profit incentive.

My urologist thinks Desert Harvest is BS because their sample sizes are small, but who here wouldn't take this natural, 0-side effect stuff over Elmiron? She at least acknowledged the bladder's capacity to recover from IC. I actually tried DHA shortly after my diagnosis before I figured out alkalizing. I think that is essential. My only fear is that Desert Harvest goes out of business one day. I am tempted to hoard a lifetime supply of the stuff.
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Linda - Florida about  Super-Strength Aloe Vera (180 Capsules):
I've suffered with IC since the age of 10, now 61. The pain associated with IC has only increased with age. I previously worried everyday if I could manage through the day without a flare-up, which was almost impossible. I watched everything I ate, hoping it wouldn't cause a flare-up, and at one point I lived on "oatmeal" for a month hoping it would help. As my conditioned worsened my urologist finally convinced me to try Elmiron. I was very reluctant due to the side effects and thought I would just continue trying to watch the foods I ate. Finally, I couldn't do it anymore and decided to take his advice and I began taking Elmiron in 2009. The symptoms improved but about a year after starting Elmiron my hair began to majorly fallout. The doctor immediately took me off Elmiron and within a week I had a full blown IC episode! I was devastated and felt totally depressed about my future with my IC condition. The doctor didn't give me much hope other than controlling my diet, which was very limiting, and recommended I create less stress in my life. He also recommended a surgical procedure on the bladder that might help some. Nothing seemed too promising. I decided to do my own research on IC before agreeing to the surgery. That's when I found your web-site, which changed my life!! I began reading all the reviews and decided I should give your product a try. I could hardly wait for the first shipment to arrive, it seemed like my only real hope! I took the maximum dose recommended for several weeks, now I take 6 a day and doing absolutely great! I eat everything and no longer worry about leaving the house or going on trips. My family and friends are just as thrilled I found something that works! I can't tell you how much Aloe Vera has changed my life. I'm completely pain free majority of the time. If I do have a flare-up its very short lived and I just take more Aloe. I have not seen the urologist in 2 years! Please, please never stop making this miracle product... A million thanks for giving me back my life!
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Dana - Maryland about  Super-Strength Aloe Vera (180 Capsules):
I have been taking Desert Harvest Aloe for about 3 years now. I was VERY skeptical about trying this product because I had tried a lot of other natural products (even in combination) that did not work. When I first started taking the capsules, I did not take them consistently, so they did not work very well and I stopped taking them.

After reading so many of the testimonies, I decided to try it again, but this time I increased my dosage and took it 3 times a day consistently. I started out taking 9 capsules 3 times a day, then I went down to 6 capsules 2-3 times a day, and today I take 3 capsules 1 to 2 times a day.

When I was diagnosed with IC, the doctors tried to give me Elmiron, but I did not want to take it because I had read about the side effects, how long I may have to take it to see results, and that there was no guarantee it would work. So I found a doctor who prescribed Urelle. Urelle worked somewhat but then the doctor stopped the script because he said it was only a temporary solution. He said that the med wasn't made for long-term use; never mind the fact that it ruined my underclothes because it made me pee bluish-green color. He wanted to perform a procedure that stretched my bladder to the point of breaking the nerves apart so I could no longer feel pain. To me this made no sense. Why would you want to stretch a bladder that is inflamed, then remove the nerves' ability to let you know that something is wrong? Are you kidding me? No way. I would not allow the procedure. He then took me off Urelle and had no other med for me. I asked him what I was suppose to do for the pain? He said, "Take ibuprofen." I thought I was going to die.

I began to search for a natural remedy. After almost a year and a half of my own research and trying natural herbs and supplements, I found Desert Harvest on the Internet. I was so desperate for relief. My life was a mess. I was in pain, I didn't sleep well, my marriage was going downhill because of my medical problems, and I was suffering from deep depression. I don't know how long I took the capsules before I began seeing results, but I quickly began to realize I was no longer in pain and that I could eat and drink things that I hadn't been able to.

One thing I stay away from (even now) is Coke. I can drink other sodas, but for some reason, Coke will send me into a painful flair that lasts for days. And as I recall, it was Coke that I was drinking when I had my first symptoms of IC, so I avoid it.

But taking this Aloe has changed my life. I am now able to live like a normal person without being in pain and obsessing over what foods or drinks to avoid. I am so thankful to God for Desert Harvest and their Aloe product for giving me back my life. But I am still searching for the answers and for the cause of my inflammation. I don't just want to cover up the problem for the rest of my life with a supplement. I want to find the source of my inflammation so that I may be free of pain without supplements.
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Naomi - Indiana about  Aloe Glide:
I purchased this in hopes that it would help relieve my pain during intercourse... something I've always just had to live with! (Not even pain meds take it completely away!)

This gel works perfectly! For the first time in my married life I can have sex with no pain!! Highly recommended for IC/VVS patients, especially if nothing has worked for you!
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Vicky - Texas about  Aloe Glide:
Having IC is no piece of cake and intimacy can also cause discomfort. The Aloe Vera Personal Gel has made such a difference! I think not having any perfumes or preservatives is the biggest plus. Store bought gels and lubricants can cause stinging and burning, but with the Personal Gel, that's a thing of the past. I pump it into a personal applicator (not very easy but it works). Very natural feeling.
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Safrah - Florida about  Super-Strength Aloe Vera (90 Capsules):
My troubles started on 10/5/14. I had symptoms of an acute kidney stone attack, was hospitalized for 1 day, and had a follow-up CAT scan 1 month later to check on the location of the stone. The results showed a 5mm stone in the lower left ureter. As time passed, I followed up with a urologist on 11/13/14 who had me do another follow up CAT scan and eventually told me the stone must have passed as it was not seen on the CAT scan.

From 11/13/14 (after my follow up with the urologist), I continuously experienced symptoms consistent with Interstitial Cystitis (i.e. pain, burning, frequency, urgency, stinging with and without urination). It was during the month of December 2014 (now 2 months after my kidney stone attack, and under the impression the stone was no longer present), I began doing deep research on the internet about cystitis, it's symptoms, and natural remedies to help it. I came across a blog mentioning D-Mannose powder. I purchased a bottle of it and it did help to calm things on and off. My primary care physician, after doing a total of 3 separate urinalysis testings, stated there was "no bacteria growth" on each test I did. The entire month of January 2015 - into the new year - I had what I refer to as very painful "flares" where I would develop urgency, frequency, and intense burning and stinging upon urination, and each time my bladder would start to 'fill' again.

Around the beginning of March, I began to comb the internet in an attempt to find SOMETHING that could alleviate my symptoms without having to undergo the expense of a cystography (recommended by a new/second urologist I went to back in January). It was then that I stumbled upon an ad mentioning DESERT ALOE. It intrigued me and I visited the DesertHarvest website and read the multiple reviews on the product. Many women mentioned how much it helped with their cystitis. So I ordered a bottle of 60. It arrived sooner than I anticipated and I began using it the same day it arrived---3 capsules twice a day. After about 1 week of use, I noticed a remarkable "calming" of my urinary symptoms.

Today (March 25, 2015), about 2 weeks into using Super-Strength Freeze-Dried Aloe, I ACTUALLY PASSED A 5mm KIDNEY STONE early this morning!!!!!!!!!! This was the culprit of the multitude of agonizing symptoms I bore for almost 6 months from the onset of the kidney stone attack (10/5/14). I was shocked and relieved at the same time and wondered how it was possible that a jagged stone of this size remained in my bladder for this long! Then things came clearly into focus for me. I realized it was only when I started using the Super Strength Aloe capsules, that perhaps it made the inside of my bladder more "slippery" and somehow caused the stone to finally dislodge. (I had read about aloe containing "mucilage" which has a strong anti-inflammatory effect so I felt I had nothing to lose by trying Desert Aloe). I am not out of the woods yet, as I still have some burning and mild stinging (after having passed a kidney stone), so to be certain this all clears completely, I've ordered my 2nd bottle of Super Strength Aloe capsules as a maintenance treatment in the event the symptoms come back again.

I am VERY thankful that I finally found a natural product to help with my urinary discomfort and pain. Super Strength Freeze Dried Aloe capsules have been an absolute God-send for me as it not only caused a calming effect on my bladder I hadn't felt in many months, but it helped to dislodge an almost 6-month old kidney stone from my bladder! A huge weight has been removed from my chest after finding this product. I highly recommend it for anyone who either was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis, or Painful Bladder Syndrome (like I was), or for anyone with ongoing symptoms of urinary tract discomfort in general. Reasonably priced for 90-capsules and definitely worth trying!
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Kat- Ohio about  Aloe Glide:
I've dealt with IC for over 20 years. In those 20 years I haven't found a product that helps like the Aloe Glide or the Aloe capsules. The Aloe Glide has helped tremendously during and after sex. I also apply the Aloe Glide when I am sore or experience burning during a flare. It's like putting out a fire, helps instantly! I also take two aloe capsules twice a day and it has helped more then Vicodin or the Percs I was prescribed. I don't even need the pain medicine anymore besides the occasional Advil during a flare. Both products, the Aloe Capsules and Aloe Glide have really been a life saver and something I could not live without. Just wish I would have heard of Desert Harvest earlier to have avoided all the pain I had to endure over the years!
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Linda - California about  Super-Strength Aloe Vera (90 Capsules):
I have been taking Urelle for pain flare-ups, as needed. At almost $5 a pill it has been very costly and I was only purchasing 10 at a time - I do not have medical insurance at this time. I was enduring a lot of pain before I would take a Urelle tablet.

I decided to try Desert Harvest Aloe Vera capsules - what a wonderful find! I had tried them in the past but probably didn't take the correct quantity. I have been taking 4 to 6 daily for the past 2 weeks and cannot believe the pain relief! I feel better knowing that I am not masking the "pain" with a prescription pain pill and that the Desert Harvest Aloe Vera caps are greatly soothing my IC flare up and also keeping me protected. I am happy to have found such a wonderful product and am looking forward to trying a few other products that were suggested in the catalog. Thank you Desert Harvest you and your products are awesome!

Linda N.
Orange County, California
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Jackie - Idaho about  Super-Strength Aloe Vera (180 Capsules):
I have been taking this aloe for years now. Not only does it help my IC pain more than Elmiron did (I actually stopped taking that) but it's grown my hair so long I just got to donate a foot of it to charity, with tons left over.
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Essica - Tennessee about  Super-Strength Aloe Vera (180 Capsules):
And I finally feel better than I have since before I was diagnosed in December. The first few days, I thought I had a flare, but apparently it was only a yeast infection from antibiotics I had used for an ear infection a few weeks before. My pain has reduced significantly. I was nearly at the "end of my rope" and started asking my doctor for antidepressant options, but I seriously think this product have given me a new-found hope. I can get through it, now that I finally have relief.
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Anonymous - New York about  New Customer Special:
I just wanted to let you know that as someone who suffered from IC and felt
that there was no cure, your product was the only thing.
Desperate and unable to find any medicine that relieved my pain, my
gynecologist mentioned that she had heard people finding relief in aloe vera
pills. After taking three pills twice a day for two months, I found great
relief, and four months later, absolutely no symptoms. I even was able to
stop taking the pills and was in complete and total remission for, up to
today, three years. Now that I am beginning to suffer from digestive
issues, I am turning back to my trusty aloe vera pills and hope that it can
help reduce the inflammation in my GI tract just like it did my bladder.

Thanks so much for being my lifeline when I was struggling with a condition
that no one will acknowledge, and offering a natural, safe, and healthy
alternative to dealing with the pain of IC.
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