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Aloe Glide

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Kat- Ohio
I've dealt with IC for over 20 years. In those 20 years I haven't found a product that helps like the Aloe Glide or the Aloe capsules. The Aloe Glide has helped tremendously during and after sex. I also apply the Aloe Glide when I am sore or experience burning during a flare. It's like putting out a fire, helps instantly! I also take two aloe capsules twice a day and it has helped more then Vicodin or the Percs I was prescribed. I don't even need the pain medicine anymore besides the occasional Advil during a flare. Both products, the Aloe Capsules and Aloe Glide have really been a life saver and something I could not live without. Just wish I would have heard of Desert Harvest earlier to have avoided all the pain I had to endure over the years!
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Anonymous - New York
I'm 33 and have IC. For years sex was painful but this stuff is amazing! I would highly recommend it for both sex and personal lubricant when you are feeling dry. It has greatly improved my quality of life!
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Yvonne - Texas
Intercourse was very painful after menopause when I stopped hormone replacement, but this aloe lubricant has made all the difference. Unlike other lubricants, no stinging, no stickiness, no pain. I'm a better marital partner.
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Susie - Ohio
This product helps skin heal almost overnight.
The new container which dispenses the gel is a great improvement over the old one. Thank you.
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Marysia - North Carolina
There is nothing like this product when refrigerated. It really puts the fire out!
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Vicky - Texas
Having IC is no piece of cake and intimacy can also cause discomfort. The Aloe Vera Personal Gel has made such a difference! I think not having any perfumes or preservatives is the biggest plus. Store bought gels and lubricants can cause stinging and burning, but with the Personal Gel, that's a thing of the past. I pump it into a personal applicator (not very easy but it works). Very natural feeling.
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JG - California
This gel does exactly what it says it will do. I've used it on sunburns, dry skin, and in more personal ways. It's fantastic! I highly recommend it.
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Naomi - Indiana
I purchased this in hopes that it would help relieve my pain during intercourse... something I've always just had to live with! (Not even pain meds take it completely away!)

This gel works perfectly! For the first time in my married life I can have sex with no pain!! Highly recommended for IC/VVS patients, especially if nothing has worked for you!
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I tried this as a sample first. I'm very, very sensitive and irritable (I don't have a diagnosis yet), and this lubricant is by far the most gentle out of the ones I've tried--even of the other aloe lubricants I've gotten my hands on. For me, if I'm having a flare up of pain, I apply it and it stings a little at first sometimes, then soothes. It absorbs right in. I'm quite pleased I don't feel "wet" or messy afterwards. I highly recommend it!
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May 10, 2017
Just had but ouch...With IC just put this on and within a few minutes the pain eases!!
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