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Super-Strength Aloe Vera (180 Capsules)

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Dana - Maryland
I have been taking Desert Harvest Aloe for about 3 years now. I was VERY skeptical about trying this product because I had tried a lot of other natural products (even in combination) that did not work. When I first started taking the capsules, I did not take them consistently, so they did not work very well and I stopped taking them.

After reading so many of the testimonies, I decided to try it again, but this time I increased my dosage and took it 3 times a day consistently. I started out taking 9 capsules 3 times a day, then I went down to 6 capsules 2-3 times a day, and today I take 3 capsules 1 to 2 times a day.

When I was diagnosed with IC, the doctors tried to give me Elmiron, but I did not want to take it because I had read about the side effects, how long I may have to take it to see results, and that there was no guarantee it would work. So I found a doctor who prescribed Urelle. Urelle worked somewhat but then the doctor stopped the script because he said it was only a temporary solution. He said that the med wasn't made for long-term use; never mind the fact that it ruined my underclothes because it made me pee bluish-green color. He wanted to perform a procedure that stretched my bladder to the point of breaking the nerves apart so I could no longer feel pain. To me this made no sense. Why would you want to stretch a bladder that is inflamed, then remove the nerves' ability to let you know that something is wrong? Are you kidding me? No way. I would not allow the procedure. He then took me off Urelle and had no other med for me. I asked him what I was suppose to do for the pain? He said, "Take ibuprofen." I thought I was going to die.

I began to search for a natural remedy. After almost a year and a half of my own research and trying natural herbs and supplements, I found Desert Harvest on the Internet. I was so desperate for relief. My life was a mess. I was in pain, I didn't sleep well, my marriage was going downhill because of my medical problems, and I was suffering from deep depression. I don't know how long I took the capsules before I began seeing results, but I quickly began to realize I was no longer in pain and that I could eat and drink things that I hadn't been able to.

One thing I stay away from (even now) is Coke. I can drink other sodas, but for some reason, Coke will send me into a painful flair that lasts for days. And as I recall, it was Coke that I was drinking when I had my first symptoms of IC, so I avoid it.

But taking this Aloe has changed my life. I am now able to live like a normal person without being in pain and obsessing over what foods or drinks to avoid. I am so thankful to God for Desert Harvest and their Aloe product for giving me back my life. But I am still searching for the answers and for the cause of my inflammation. I don't just want to cover up the problem for the rest of my life with a supplement. I want to find the source of my inflammation so that I may be free of pain without supplements.
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Linda - Florida
I've suffered with IC since the age of 10, now 61. The pain associated with IC has only increased with age. I previously worried everyday if I could manage through the day without a flare-up, which was almost impossible. I watched everything I ate, hoping it wouldn't cause a flare-up, and at one point I lived on "oatmeal" for a month hoping it would help. As my conditioned worsened my urologist finally convinced me to try Elmiron. I was very reluctant due to the side effects and thought I would just continue trying to watch the foods I ate. Finally, I couldn't do it anymore and decided to take his advice and I began taking Elmiron in 2009. The symptoms improved but about a year after starting Elmiron my hair began to majorly fallout. The doctor immediately took me off Elmiron and within a week I had a full blown IC episode! I was devastated and felt totally depressed about my future with my IC condition. The doctor didn't give me much hope other than controlling my diet, which was very limiting, and recommended I create less stress in my life. He also recommended a surgical procedure on the bladder that might help some. Nothing seemed too promising. I decided to do my own research on IC before agreeing to the surgery. That's when I found your web-site, which changed my life!! I began reading all the reviews and decided I should give your product a try. I could hardly wait for the first shipment to arrive, it seemed like my only real hope! I took the maximum dose recommended for several weeks, now I take 6 a day and doing absolutely great! I eat everything and no longer worry about leaving the house or going on trips. My family and friends are just as thrilled I found something that works! I can't tell you how much Aloe Vera has changed my life. I'm completely pain free majority of the time. If I do have a flare-up its very short lived and I just take more Aloe. I have not seen the urologist in 2 years! Please, please never stop making this miracle product... A million thanks for giving me back my life!
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Erin - Colorado
My experience with IC and Desert Harvest would not make its way into a scientific journal. You couldn't use it to sell the product to a skeptic. I did not isolate my variables. I tried many things unsuccessfully for a year before doing the following: Parsons (+kenalog) instills followed by ozone instillations (in Boulder), alkalizing my urine religiously using Calcium Citrate and Magnesium Citrate and Baking Soda, taking lots of Glucosamine/MSM, following an extremely strict diet, taking hydroxyzine 10 mg at night, and lastly Desert Harvest aloe.

I really turned a corner around when I added the Aloe pills (3 of them 3x a day, later I switched to 3 of them 2x a day). I literally woke up with burning, took 3 pills, and 4 hours later the burning was gone. (I had sex with no bladder pain!) My IC wasn't severe (to me it was, but relatively speaking, no) I didn't have Hunner's Ulcers, but I had blood in my urine, burning, low capacity, and it often felt like an acid soaked cactus lived in my bladder. I was asking oncology surgeons to remove my bladder so I could have my life back.

I went from living on the toilet at night to waking up once with 12-16 oz of pee in my bladder. There is something to Aloe - I read about someone who had Hunner's Ulcers healing their bladder by drinking the juice. In IC, the GAG (glycosaminoglycan) layer is compromised and needs replacing. I believe the mucopolysaccharides (mucus sugars) in Aloe are a healthy substitute. I can't prove this, and no one will ever do a study because you can't patent this stuff, therefore no profit incentive.

My urologist thinks Desert Harvest is BS because their sample sizes are small, but who here wouldn't take this natural, 0-side effect stuff over Elmiron? She at least acknowledged the bladder's capacity to recover from IC. I actually tried DHA shortly after my diagnosis before I figured out alkalizing. I think that is essential. My only fear is that Desert Harvest goes out of business one day. I am tempted to hoard a lifetime supply of the stuff.
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Jean - Pennsylvania
Aloe Vera has been like a miracle for me. I have suffered with IC for about 7 years. I tried many treatments including Elmiron, Neurotin, DMSO, and lidocaine self catheterization. These treatments didn't give me any significant or long term relief from my pain. Approximately 3 years ago I decided to try Aloe Vera. My IC became very manageable rather quickly after the initiation of Aloe Vera. I took it along with my other meds for about 1 year. After 1 year of great relief of pain, I decided to gradually take myself off of all of the other treatments. As of August of 2012 I will have been drug and treatment free for 2 years relying only on Aloe Vera. I do take glucosamine/chondroitin for my joints, and read this my also be helpful for IC. I feel like I have been set free from the imprisonment of IC pain. I can work and enjoy recreational activities, incl. travel, thanks to the consistent pain relief. I know they say there is no cure for IC, but right now I feel like I have been cured. I can even enjoy 2 slices of lemon squeezed in a tall glass of spring water,filled with crushed ice and a couple of packets of Splenda. Never thought I would ever be able to enjoy this again in this life. I love it. Thanks Aloe Vera!!!
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Jun 21, 2017
I started using Desert Harvest Aloe many years ago for my IC and had great success. Around the same time I got diagnosed for IC , I found out I was Pre-diabetic. While I was on the Aloe... I was able to manage my blood sugar...not realizing it was the Aloe. I thought it was my diet alone. I decided to get off the Aloe because my IC symptoms were gone...but then I could not get my sugar under 100. Some days it was as high as 140. At first I didn't realize it was the Aloe that was controlling it. I keep cutting down my carbs to under 50 a day and no luck getting my sugar level under 100. Then I realized that I was not taking the Aloe anymore! I order it right away ... I take 12 capsules a day and along with a healthy diet...about 100 carbs a day... I am under 100 every morning! The Aloe at your health food stores does not touch my numbers...and causes intestinal problems for me also. I have tried many supplements in the health food stores that claim to help diabetics and none of them work like Desert Harvest Aloe for my blood sugar!!!! So grateful I found them!
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Janice - Arizona
I give this to my Mom who is an alzheimer's sufferer. She has had a cathetar for over a year. She had trouble with bleeding from the irritation in her bladder. Since I started this product she doesn't bleed anymore. thank you.
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Jackie - Idaho
I have been taking this aloe for years now. Not only does it help my IC pain more than Elmiron did (I actually stopped taking that) but it's grown my hair so long I just got to donate a foot of it to charity, with tons left over.
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Essica - Tennessee
And I finally feel better than I have since before I was diagnosed in December. The first few days, I thought I had a flare, but apparently it was only a yeast infection from antibiotics I had used for an ear infection a few weeks before. My pain has reduced significantly. I was nearly at the "end of my rope" and started asking my doctor for antidepressant options, but I seriously think this product have given me a new-found hope. I can get through it, now that I finally have relief.
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TJ - Texas
Was having issues for years and was finally diagnosed with IC. Was told about your pain relief cream and saw the information on the capsules. Decided to try them and was pleasantly surprised how quickly they relieved my symptoms. I have ran out and have noticed some of the symptoms returning. This is a great product and thankful that I found it.
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Michelle - Washington
I've been taking Elmiron for years to relieve my IC symptoms. Recently, there was a backorder of Elmiron and it wasn't available. I decided to try Aloe Vera from Desert Harvest. It works much better than Elmiron and I don't have any of the side effects like hair loss. It's nice to know that I can take a natural product to relieve all my IC symptoms. Thank you Desert Harvest.
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Scottie - Washington
The ONLY thing that works! This pelvic pain started in the 1980s, but no one knew what it was. A few years ago I was finally diagnosed with IC and just kept suffering until I finally discovered Desert Harvest Aloe Vera Extra Strength from a pamphlet in the doctor's office. I had already tried Elmiron and stopped from side effects before there was even any symptom relief. Plus I couldn't afford the cost at $200 plus a month.
Then I took only THREE DAYS dosage of the aloe vera capsules and felt the horrible symptoms that had been ongoing for literally months subside.
Your freeze dried aloe vera capsules are my lifeline. Thank God. What would I do without you guys?
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Tammy - Texas
I suffered for years from IC with little relief. I did my own research and found the Desert Harvest site. I have been taking 3 pills in the morning and 3 before I go to bed for years now. This product has changed my life. As long as I drink plenty of water, I am rarely affected by IC and can eat or drink whatever I like. Thank you so much for your product and research. In my opinion, you have done more for IC sufferers than most doctors, and the best part is it is all natural.
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Jan 25, 2018
Aloe Vera has been a Blessing! I've been in horrific pain from my IC and found this product and I feel like I can live my life again. If you have IC don't hesitate for a second on purchasing this product. I've been taking it for 2 years now and it works better than the expensive medicine the Doctor prescribed.
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Ivy - Arizona
I have Intersitial Cystitis (IC) and had Hunner's ulcers for almost a year. I started taking Desert Harvest Aloe Vera and within months, my ulcer's were completely cured (confirmed by surgery at the Mayo Clinic). After so many painful treatments, steroid injections, heparin rescues, Elmiron, Elavil, and other medications, all it took was Desert Harvest Aloe Vera to find relief. Thank you so much, Desert Harvest!!! You are a amazing!
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San Antonio, Tx
Apr 29, 2017
I was diagnosed with IC when I was 21, now I am 38. I had pain for years and only I knew what I was going through. I felt my life was taken from and had no control over it. At times I went to home and they'd send me home with it because I could pee. I have tried anything you can think of. I had figure out what I was able to eat and what not. Keeping a journal helped. Well now things have changed. I have gone through so much with IC, I have had a huge struggle but I have overcome it with Desert Harvest Super-Strength Aloe Vera capsules.
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Judith - New Jersey
I have used this product along with the buffered Vitamin C for almost 3 years and am so grateful my nurse practitioner gave me samples to try before using anything else. My IC is almost forgotten most times and when I do have a bad month, I simply increase the number of capsules for a few days - what a relief! Thank you to this wonderful company and its employees for making this available!
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Michelle - Florida
I was recently diagnosed with IC, and have been suffering from it since November 2011. My symptoms were unbearable and this aloe has brought me so much relief and a sense of normalcy!!! I've been on it for three months and I no longer have the urge to pee every five minutes and I can sleep all through the night. Every now and then when I get stressed out, the symptoms appear, but not as severe as before. I would say the aloe pills have given me 95% relief and I have not made any changes to my diet. Only thing I've cut out is soda. Thank you Desert Harvest for giving me my life back! Finally I feel normal!
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MB - Connecticut
This product has greatly helped my bladder inflammation and pain. Initially I felt moderate relief but after several weeks I could definitely tell the difference. Then I stupidly let myself run out of these capsules. Within several days the symptoms that had gone away came back and the symptoms that were lessened became more severe. I definitely won't run out again. Between this and a product that I take containing quercetin with glucosamine and chondroitin I pretty much have my IC under control. I take 2 in the morning and 2 at night. I can even occasionally eat products containing tomato or vinegar (I just make sure to take 2 extra capsules right before or right after eating).
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Anonymous - Colorado
Two years ago I was treated by a Urologist who was completely unsympathetic about my pain and other IC symptoms. I suffered with unbearable treatments and procedures. The doctor would not believe me when I told him, "Lidocaine does not relieve the pain." Witnessing my total frustration, a nurse told me to research IC on my own to find answers. I walked out of that doctor's office and never looked back! I read about Desert Harvest and ordered the super-strength aloe vera and noticed a difference within the first week! The pain and frequency began to diminish. After a few more weeks I was totally pain free and no more urgency. I continue to maintain a low acid diet but eat just about anything else that I want in moderation. I want to thank Desert Harvest for giving me my life back. There was a time when I had almost given up.
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Meredith - Oregon
I have IC and have had a bladder distention and weekly installations of the bladder... neither of which did anything for the pain I was experiencing. I started taking Desert Harvest's Freeze-Dried Aloe Vera approximately 3 years ago and it has saved me! I have zero pain the majority of the time taking 3 pills twice a day. It's worth the money and I buy a year's supply every June when it is on sale. Nothing else has worked like this. I still have urgency/frequency issues, although not as bad with the Aloe Vera, but the pain is what has pretty much entirely diminished. I have not changed my diet and drink a coffee every day. I would highly recommend this product! I have asked my doctor to "prescribe" it to me so that I can claim it under my Flex Plan health benefits at work, which will allow me to pay for them like a prescription pre-tax. Anything to help a little with the cost.
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Meredith Curtis
I LOVE these Aloe Vera Capusles! I have been taking them since June 28, 2015 and they have made a huge difference in my IC symptoms. I would recommend these to anyone who suffers from IC. My doctor looked at me like I was crazy when I mentioned trying these before taking Elmiron. I am so glad I did. All natural and no horrible side effects. Plus they work great! My urgency/frequency is normal, no more burning during urination, I feel like a normal human being again! Great product!
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Rogers Turner
Mar 27, 2017
This customer purchased the item at our site.
I was diagnosed with sarcodosis 28 years ago and 6 years ago IC, and I have survived! This past October, I started taking Aloe on the recommendation of my Dr. a sufferer of IC and GEEZ! What a blessing. My life is so much better and suffering is minimized. Issues still, yes, but Aloe has/is life changing for me!
I recently bought some aloe juice to supplement flairs and I am thankful I found Desert Harvest. I have no words to express how grace has endured in me and how this plant product has changed my life! I paused just now knowing how much I have endured which has made my finding desert harvest so much sweeter. I am having sex, moderate exercise, and staying away from Pizza! LOL. Spicey foods are not my friend anymore, even though I love them dearly! Ha.
If you are reading this review to determine your next steps, jump in with both feet! The day the first bottle arrived, I took three pills and within an hour I told my wife, MY GOD, I feel better already....I am sooooo Thankful!!!!!!!
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May 5, 2017
I started feeing better after taking the Aloe Vera and definitely helps with the IC. Will purchase again for sure. Thank you !
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Jun 14, 2018
This is my first time to write a review. I found out about this product after going to about 6 different doctors. I was suffering from bladder pain and my quality of life was not good at all. Finally, I saw a urogynocologist that recommended this product along with IC diet and alkaline water. I could not believe how much better I felt within a relatively short time. I still have flare ups from time to time, however the Aloe Vera capsules have helped me restore my quality of life. If one person reads this and decides to try it and it helps then it will be worth taking the time to write a review.
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Kimberly - Michigan
Keeps the pain of IC away!
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