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Tina Jutras
I don't know what I would do if this product didn't exist. I had a flare once that lasted months. Since buying the aloe vera, this doesn't happen anymore. If I feel a flare starting up, I take the 6 pills and it helps calm it down. I wish more doctors would know about this. You gave me my life back. The pain from IC made me so depressed and cause my anxiety to go through the roof. Even the Gele is awesome. I also have vulvodynia and this helps alot. Thank you Desert Harvest for this great product!
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Anonymous - New York
I just wanted to let you know that as someone who suffered from IC and felt
that there was no cure, your product was the only thing.
Desperate and unable to find any medicine that relieved my pain, my
gynecologist mentioned that she had heard people finding relief in aloe vera
pills. After taking three pills twice a day for two months, I found great
relief, and four months later, absolutely no symptoms. I even was able to
stop taking the pills and was in complete and total remission for, up to
today, three years. Now that I am beginning to suffer from digestive
issues, I am turning back to my trusty aloe vera pills and hope that it can
help reduce the inflammation in my GI tract just like it did my bladder.

Thanks so much for being my lifeline when I was struggling with a condition
that no one will acknowledge, and offering a natural, safe, and healthy
alternative to dealing with the pain of IC.
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Einar - Florida
Flare ups have decreased to 24 hrs when I make a mistake. It took 3 months to work, but it worked. Is not a cure but it does make your life, pain, and urgency bearable to live with. I can't give it 5 stars because it is not a cure and it only makes the condition manageable, but boy is as close as it gets to a cure. Wish it was cheaper that I could take twice as much. :)
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Mary - Florida
Dear Desert Harvest,

I was diagnosed with IC about 2 years ago. I was extremely surprised that my urologist recommended that I try Desert Harvest Aloe over the popular prescription drug to see if it helped relieve my symptoms. I noticed a huge decrease in my symptoms within a about a months time. I am so thankful for the Desert Harvest company and for this product.
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Nancy - New Jersey
I had a bladder "incident" in August and my doctor put me on myrbetriq. He is not calling what i have IC, but sure looks like it to me…...

I felt better on mybetriq--took it for about two months while at the same time following the IC diet. I didn't feel perfect, but much better than with the first flair up.

I gradually weened myself of the med and then had a cystoscopy to see what was going on in there. After the cysto the bladder was aggravated again--so I went back on the myrbetriq. I felt okay on the mybetriq, not perfect but okay, and then about 2 weeks ago I ate some cantaloupe (who knew that was on the don't eat list!) went into a flair up.

That is when I started to research on the internet what I could do to help ease the symptoms-clearly I needed something beyond myrbetriq-- and found your product. I read the reviews on amazon and thought why not? I took the aloe for a day and a half and felt much better. I stopped taking the myrbetriq on day two of the aloe. I have been taking the aloe for five days and I feel the best I have felt since the first incident in August.

I am hopeful that desert harvest will end the pain in the long term! I certainly plan on taking it…forever!
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Jessica - Massachusetts
Thank you so much for your excellent service and wonderful products. I have
IC, and two years ago I found the pain debilitating and untreatable. A
fellow IC sufferer referred me to you. Your aloe vera tablets greatly
reduced my discomfort and other symptoms, and they always work quickly to
end a flare. I feel so much better today; my pain and other symptoms are
largely absent, or at worst, a mild nuisance. I am so grateful!
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Oct 27, 2017
Thank you Desert Harvest. I have been taking the Aloe Vera for 2 months after reading about it on the IC website. I started feeling better after the first month and continue to improve. Just recently I started taking the Desert Harvest Calcium and Vitamin D with the aloe. I think I am getting even better results. I was told by the physician that diagnosed the IC to take calcium at least 3-4 times a day to alkalize the urine. I am thinking about trying the Quercetin but one thing at a time.
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Mar 14, 2018
I was DX with IC 2 years ago. My urologist put me on RX and it work for a year and stop. I heard about freeze dry aloe Vera. So I gave it a try and in 7 days my symptoms were gone. I have been taking this for almost a year now. After my 3 month I started dropping out pills like it said after getting to 2 pills a day my symptoms return so I will continue taking 6 a day cause I was symptoms free.
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