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  • Smart Bottle *PRE-ORDER

    Smart Bottle *PRE-ORDER


    Desert Harvest's Smart Bottle

    Your rechargeable, refillable Smart Bottle will be synced to an app that communicates directly with our website. Reorder your supplements with one click based on your actual consumption.

    Why a Smart Bottle? 

    Reminders to take Supplements or Medications will help you or your loved ones achieve health goals.
    Replenish - One-click re-orders will send the next bottle just when you need it.
    Sustainability: Reduce plastics to protect the environment.

    How will you send my refills? 

    We will send a single-use, plant-based sachet that is 100% biodegradable and compostable. 

    Learn more about Smart Bottles and how you can remove one ton of plastic from the oceans by switching to a Smart Bottle. 

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