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Trusted by customers & healthcare providers for over 25 years!

Since 1993, Desert Harvest has developed a wide range of nutritional supplements and skin care made with organic aloe vera and the highest quality natural ingredients. All products are paraben-free, non-GMO, Kosher certified, have no fillers, artificial ingredients or preservatives.

For over 25 years, Desert Harvest has helped the Interstitial Cystitis / Painful Bladder Syndrome (IC/PBS) community with our Super-Strength Aloe Vera Capsules, IC friendly nutritional supplements and all-natural skin care.

Our staff includes individuals committed to providing the highest quality products with outstanding customer support and education at the core of our mission.  Thank you for your business. We look forward to helping you.

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Customer Reviews

Aloe Vera Capsules - Sarah
I am so very glad that I found Desert Harvest Aloe Vera!!!!! I will continue to take these more than likely for the rest of my life because not only does it help with the IC but it is generally very good for your immune system! If anyone is skeptical of this product, please do give it a try! I was skeptical also but they really do help and I am so very thankful for Desert Harvest making such a wonderful product.

Aloe Vera Capsules - Petra
I just wanted to say how pleased I am with your product. I suffer from interstitial cystitis which has in the past caused me a great deal of discomfort. The Desert Harvest Aloe has made the condition much more manageable to the extent that a lot of the time I am symptom free. When I have a flare up I just take extra capsules which seems to calm things down quickly. Also I don't seem to have side effects. I would also like to thank the staff team for their professional attitude. They are always available quickly to answer questions and try to ship the product promptly. Many thanks.

Aloe Vera Capsules - Christina
I want to sing from the mountaintops about this product! I suffered, daily, barely living, for over a year. I could not have continued on, with that level of pain, and sick time/ down time. I was very skeptical that any supplement could do more than all my doctors. Now I have no need for doctors! After 3 months of your product, I am symptom-free and feel 25 years younger. My life is so happy again! I hope you never stop providing me with this product. ...and my urologist thanks you, too! She is becoming a hero to everyone will IC that comes to her! Thank you so much!

Aloe Glide - Lindsay
This stuff is amazing! I haven't had a UTI in months! I was getting one all the time, recurrent along with having IC and it was terrible… and this helps so much! Thank you for making such an awesome product!

Releveum - Lisa
Total Game Changer. My oncologist gave me a sample of this product after suffering horrendous radiation burns. My skin was raw, open, burned to an angry 'burgundy' color. This product quieted the pain down immediately. My skin began to heal. I am being treated for breast cancer with 36 rounds of radiation. This product made my skin recover, heal, quiet down. I am able to sleep & manage life again. This product is A-mazing.

Acne Gel - Lena
I have bought everything under the sun for my teen and her back acne. I figured, what the heck, we will try this, too. After one week of use, she no longer has back acne. Now this stuff is helping with the scars on her back from the acne. I'm currently using it on my face and it helps to tighten my skin! I love it!