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Aloe Vera Gele

Aloe Vera Gele
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Made with 80% pure aloe vera concentrate, Desert Harvest Gelé is a soothing, cold-processed gel formulated to relieve minor skin irritations. It contains all of the anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, and healing properties of the aloe plant in a high concentration. Desert Harvest Gelé contains the most therapeutic levels of aloe vera possible in a 100% Natural topical application and contains No Parabens.

Use a pea-sized dab and rub it into the skin wherever it is irritated. A good medium for ultrasound. You can keep it in the refrigerator and apply the Gelé cold to minor burns or to relieve swelling and redness anywhere on the body. (Desert Harvest Gelé does not have to be refrigerated.) Can also be used:

  • As a soothing topical treatment for vulvodynia (even better when it's refrigerated).
  • On the external urethra area when it is irritated by frequent trips to the bathroom.
  • On sunburns, wind burns, and minor kitchen burns.
  • On skin rashes, chapped hands, and insect bites.
  • Under makeup to improve the condition of the skin on your face and neck.

DIRECTIONS: Apply to skin as often as desired.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Carbomer (Natural Thickener), Sodium Hydroxide (Natural pH Controller), Vegetable Glycerin, Leuconostic/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate (Natural Antimicrobial), Lonicera Japonica (Honeysuckle) Extract, Populus Tremuloides (Aspen) Bark Extract, Gluconolactone (Natural Skin Conditioner).

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Aloe Glide Super-Strength Aloe Vera (90 Capsules) B-Complex - without B6 (90 capsules)
Buffered Vitamin C (90 capsules) Calcium & Vitamin D3 (90 capsules) Glucosamine & Chondroitin (120 capsules)
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(6 reviews)  

5 Most useful customer reviews (see all reviews):
Jeannie - Canada
I have had IC for 7 years already, had flare-ups off and on, had a real bad one for 2 month, was on Oxycodone for the pain. Then I took 6 Aloe Vera capsules a day, together with the strict IC diet. After 1 month the symptoms were less and now I am pain free for 2 months and can eat almost everything now. I also take Prelief sometimes. I still take 3 capsules of Desert Harvest Aloe Vera a day for maintenance.
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Deana - Texas
This works really well on scars to help lighten their appearance. It is great for any vaginal irritation. If you put the product in the refrigerator it provides a cooling sensation on the area that is applied.
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Marilyn - Oklahoma
I use the gele for my family when they get a scratch or burn.
works wonders!!!!
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Jamie - Connecticut
I highly recommend the Aloe Vera Gele. I've always had sensitive skin. Nothing in the drugstores ever helped my rashes, and often times made them worse. This stuff is a miracle! It helps, without fail, for every rash that pops up, out of nowhere. Before using this, I often had to go to the doctor for prescription cream, and this stuff works better. I've also had IC/PFD for over 6 years. I have to catheterize myself often, due to my severe pelvic floor dysfunction, which gives me horrible urinary retention. I have a large bottle of this, and the travel size, since I often have to cath myself when I leave my apartment. This really helps my urethral pain/burning. I have a bottle in the refrigerator at home. I also get irritated from peeing up to 30x per day, every day. I always apply this after peeing, especially in public when they have one-ply toilet paper. I highly recommend buying a travel size for your purse and a larger size for your home. You will not be disappointed.
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Elena - Virginia
I have very sensitive skin ( acne, eczema, psoriasis) and it helps all of my symptoms. It is a very strong anti-inflammatory. I would say it's up there with hydrocortizone but without the awful steroid side effects. I am prone to itchy, inflamed patches of skin that show up for no identifiable reason. I carry a bit of this gel with me in a small pill case so I can apply it if needed. I just put a dab on when itch and redness starts and within a few minutes it's totally gone. I have psoriasis on the back of my neck that isn't helped by anything and this gel makes it 80% better if applied daily. It even reduces the severity of acne. The best part is it has all the benefits without any bad side effects. I don't know what I'd do without it. Thank you so much for making this wonderful product!!!
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