What People are Saying

"I felt awful, depressed, and hopeless. I tried Desert Harvest as a last-ditch effort. LIFE CHANGING! May I also add that I am off of ALL other crazy meds prescribed to me over the years. I feel so much better, and when I do start to get that “itchy” feeling we all know too well, I increase my dosage right away and “save myself” from agony. THANK YOU, DH! I keep spreading the word every chance I get!"

- Janine

"Desert Harvest completely changed my life. I was unable to even walk due to the pain caused by interstitial cystitis. It was not until I tried desert harvest that I was finally able to enjoy life and simply live. I was able to conceive and have a pain free pregnancy."

- Alejandra

"Diagnosed with IC along with congenital issues of my colon and my urologist suggested your product to me! Shared the information with my mom who also struggles with IC and we have been symptom free for over 2-3 years now! I started with 6 pills a day and am down to just taking 1 for maintenance and have ZERO symptoms. So thankful to have been introduced to your product so I share with with my doctors all the time when I go to check-ups and they all say "how are you not having symptoms?" So thank you! I am truly grateful!"

- Courtney

"Desert Harvest Aloe has literally changed my life. I was diagnosed earlier this year and IC Warriors page had lots of comments about how effective it is so I thought I would try. I am so glad I did as my frequency, urgency and pain has gone. I recommend this product to everyone. Thanks you for making a difference."

- Christine

"So thankful for Desert Harvest Aloe! I was diagnosed with IC in August. My urologist recommended this to me. I am still in a lot of pain, but didn’t notice this was working until I ran out of it. I couldn’t wait to receive it in the mail and will make sure not to run out!"

- Annette

"Nothing I had tried helped with my IC symptoms. I came across Desert Harvest on an IC page I follow. I figured that I didn't have anything to lose, so I ordered a couple of bottles. Now I stock up during the semi-annual sales so that I never run out. This has made my life so much better!"

- Amber

"I suffered for a year in pain with IC. Read all I could online looking for a natural alternative. I came across Desert Harvest reviews...2 yrs never looked for anything else. I am so thankful for the relief it has given me. Thank you!!"

- Lisa

"I hesitated to try the aloe pills for a long time because of the price. I had been disappointed by so many things that didn't do anything for my pain. But I finally got to that point where I had to try them. I wish I had done it sooner! I've been taking them for my IC for about 8 months but I started having less pain in about 3 months or so. And right now I am having no pain or no worse than minimal pain by taking the aloe pills. I am off all pain meds at this time and have been for almost 2 months! Nothing else has worked as well as this supplement and I have tried SO MANY things over the past 24 years. I hope it continues to be the godsend it is right now."

- Sally

"I previously was prescribed Elmiron. The cost was outrageous! Then my urologist told me about Desert Harvest because she takes it. It works! I am so fortunate to have found your product. It is also more affordable. Thanks so much."

- Norma

"Desert Harvest Aloe has really helped with my IC. I haven’t had to have an instillation for a long time! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

- Bev

"As someone who was just diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis only a year ago, I am so thankful to have learned about Desert Harvest Aloe Vera Capsules. I tried other less expensive aloe vera, but they did not work like Desert Harvest does. I am a faithful customer! Thank you for your great product!"

- Landry

"Thank you for providing a healthy and natural alternative for those who suffer from IC. 20 years and your freeze dried Aloe Vera is what keeps me in remission more than not."

- Misty

"I was diagnosed with IC in 2007. I used Elmiron for years to manage the flares, but last year we had to switch insurance companies and the Elmiron went to $700 a month! I started researching for alternative treatments and came across Desert Harvest. I could tell within the first month that it was helping and since then I have been able to manage my flares using it. Thank you for such a wonderful product, it’s been a life saver."

- Vicki

"I was diagnosed within the last year with IC. During that same time-frame I suffered a heart attack, had my right coronary artery replaced with a stent and placed on a blood thinner. I have been unable to take Elmiron with the blood thinner. Dr Coyle and Dr. Rodgers at the Coyle Institute recommend a treatment of Desert Harvest along with the bladder treatments. The Desert Harvest products are a life saver. Not only am I on auto ship for the freeze dried aloe but I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the Aloe Glide and the Releveum. Desert Harvest is a MUST HAVE if you suffer from IC."

- Jill

"I have used Desert Harvest exclusively since 2004 when I was diagnosed with IC. Although money has never come easy for me, I always make sure I take care of myself. Desert Harvest affords me the help I need to live day by day with such an awful disease without all the side effects of pharmaceuticals. For that and the wonderful customer service, I am truly thankful!"

- Dawn

"I was diagnosed with IC in May of this year. I had a hydrodistension in July alongside 7 or 8 other surgical procedures for other health ailments. I was a bit devastated when the diagnosis was confirmed as I had long awaited this surgery for other health problems and expected great improvements overall. I have preferred natural remedies and diet changes for my health ailments over the years, but surgery was unavoidable at this point. The IC went into a major flare from surgery and I was terrified I’d be unable to return to work. The prescription meds and diet were helping somewhat in the 1st month after surgery, but I continued to have burning, spasms and pain. Within a week of adding Desert Harvest Super-Strength aloe and sticking to the diet alongside my meds, I had great improvements. I also began taking your multivitamin. Within 2 weeks, I was able to return to work from medical leave and manage my symptoms. I went from having pain that interfered with my ability to do normal tasks, to being able to work my full time, demanding job almost completely pain free. 3 months later, I very rarely have pain, I’m able to maintain my symptom management with two pills in the am and two at bedtime. I take the multivitamin in the morning as well and it helps with energy and immunity. If something flares my symptoms, I return to 3 in the am and 3 at bedtime. This regimen has also given me flexibility with the IC diet. I’m able to enjoy small amounts of certain foods and beverages without having a flare. I’m eternally grateful for your products and will be a customer for life! I feel so blessed to have heard so many good testimonials about your products early into my diagnosis. Thank you Desert Harvest!"

- Krista

"Just a note to say how grateful I am for your product and your company. I will take these capsules for the rest of my life. I am completely free of all bladder problems and it is so wonderful not to have the burning pain any more. Before discovering your product, I tried everything and spent thousands of dollars trying the other options out there. I discovered your product a number of years ago through the IC Network. It took a year but I am now completely pain and symptom free and can eat/drink anything I want. Thank you again. Please never stop making DH products, as many folks like me are dependent on them to maintain their quality of life."

- Gloria

"I can’t say enough about this wonderful product... Desert Harvest Aloe Vera gave me life back almost 15 years ago and I would not ever want to be without it. With my daily routine of Desert Harvest’s Aloe Vera, Quercetin (and Calcium Carbonate with Vit. D3, as needed), I can eat more foods and almost never have a flare up. I actually buy all of my supplements from Desert Harvest because I know they are safe for people with IC, AND all of them have Aloe Vera in them. I will be forever grateful!"

- Charlene